The brand for everyone who wants to reach their destination.

The Japanese automotive brand is the largest manufacturer of four-wheel drive cars and one of the last to install the elaborate Boxer engines. This combination gives the vehicles the best possible grip with a low centre of gravity. Ideal for all road and weather conditions. This ensures that a Subaru always reaches its destination. Wherever it is. And whatever the weather.


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Advertising material

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Arriving. Everytime and anywhere.

Every drive has one final destination: arriving. As safe as possible. That’s why Subaru has developed EyeSight, the Driver Assist Technology that scored the best results in multiple comparative tests. Its cameras observe traffic and see possible risks even before dangerous situation can occur. This creates the highest level of safety – one of the most important features not only for young families.

Super. Subaru. SUV-Testival.

An opportunity for buyers to take advantage of favourable terms. And an opportunity for dealers to invite customers. On the manufacturer’s 100th anniversary, the Subaru partners invite customers to the big Testival with test drives and attractive offers.

Subaru Aktuell. Die dealer magazine.

Celebrities, news, reports, offers: The dealer magazine combines a variety of content – editorial as well as promotional – under a regularly recurring roof. Twice a year, Subaru partners keep their customers up to date on all the relevant topics.