THE OCEAN POWER – Communication with added value

We are an owner-managed advertising agency that aims to lead customers to blue oceans with effective 360° marketing solutions. In on- and offline communication, we are characterised by exceptionally high flexibility and excellent value for money. We develop integrated concepts which are equally effective on TV and radio, in print, social media and events, promotions, PR, retail and e-commerce. Because our strategies and creations are networked from the beginning and thus cross-media by design.


  • Positioning strategies
  • Design
  • Creation
  • Realisation
  • Corporate design
  • On/offline campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Websites
  • Webshops
  • E-commerce measures
  • POS measures
  • Promotions

The red ocean

In red oceans, competitors try to differentiate themselves from their rivals through price wars, discount battles and extended warranties or services. This approach is very easy to imitate, products are interchangeable, growth opportunities decline. The brands bleed dry, the oceans turn red.

The blue Ocean

In the blue ocean, above fixed product levels, brands have created their own oceans where there is no competition. Here, emotions, attitudes to life and ideologies are sold. Brands achieve a unique position, an identification function, become desirable and are perceived by the target group as a reward. That creates the basis for long-term success.